Young driver car hire with Glasgow Car Rental

We're Glasgow's most affordable, flexible and convenient car rental company!

Young driver car hire with Glasgow Car Rental

We're Glasgow's most affordable, flexible and convenient car rental company!

Young Driver Car Hire Glasgow

You're only young once and it's all great fun except when you find yourself struggling to hire a car, even if you've been driving for years or perhaps even drive as part of your job!

In fact, drivers who are less than 25 years old have problems trying to rent all over the world, not just in Glasgow. The majority of car rental companies will refuse flat out to rent to young drivers, and those that will often charge prices that are through the roof. Why is it so difficult? It's all because of insurance. Young drivers are seen as high risk and accident prone - an unfair generalisation that makes life difficult for the many responsible under 25s out there.

At Glasgow Car Rental we try not to generalise. We consider your motoring experience, driving qualifications and even personality when making a decision about renting out our cars to young drivers. Every driver is treated as an individual, which is why we believe we rent to more young drivers than any other company in Glasgow, the West of Scotland and possibly even the UK!

Of course, we have to be sensible and there is a limit to what we can offer - the more powerful and expensive cars are often reserved for more experienced drivers who hire from us regularly and young drivers can still expect charges, although they will be much more reasonable than our competitors.

Due to the complexity of young driver car hire, our best rates for under 25s aren't available to book online so if you're young and need to rent a car in Glasgow then please chat to us online, send us a message via our contact page or call us on 0141 214 0058 and we'll be happy to discuss hiring a car to you.

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with Glasgow Car Rental is rated 5 / 5 by 9 people.

"Firstly for young drivers the price is just standout better than what any of the competitors are offering, I think ours worked out at around half what the likes of Hertz and Europcar offered because they had young driver fees of around £50 per day minimum.

The whole process was also just incredibly stress free, we got a quote through very quickly and didn't need to pay until a few days before the hire started, then picking up and dropping off the car were also very simple, previously with other companies there's been such a paperwork hassle but we were able to get on the road very quickly and easily.

Finally the actual car itself was great, we found out we'd been upgraded to a BMW a couple of days before which was a nice surprise. The car seemed brand new and was in perfect condition and this also meant it was very efficient so we didn't spend nearly as much on fuel as I thought we might. We also received the deposit back in full very shortly after returning the car which was good as it meant I wasn't constantly having to check my bank statement for weeks on end.

Overall pleased with every aspect of the service and would definitely be my first port of call if I'm ever looking to hire a car in the area again."

      (5 / 5)

- 16 Oct 2019

"My friend and I both enjoyed the hire! It was exactly the car we needed. It was reliable and had a surprisingly good fuel consumption.

The only thing that may not have been perfect was that you had to shift into low gears while driving uphill or else the car would slow down independent from how much pressure you put in the accelerator.

The service was very good, especially how patient my questions were answered before the hire was great. Furthermore the price-performance ratio was great as well.

I honestly have nothing negative to say and will use your company again if I need another rental in Scotland!"

      (5 / 5)

- 18 Oct 2018

"I was very pleased with this car hire! The SUV I had was an extremely comfortable drive and it was user-friendly (coming from someone who has quite an old car with no technology in it!). The SatNav (GPS) was extremely helpful on my trip. The service and cost were also excellent. I appreciate that you are one of the few companies who rent cars to individuals under 25 for reasonable prices - please keep doing this! If I had to rate my service and experience, I would easily give your company a 5/5."

      (5 / 5)

- 15 Oct 2018

"Everything was great, no complaints. It was easy to pick up and drop off. The car was very nice and worked perfectly for what we needed. It was a great experience all around."

      (5 / 5)

- 15 Oct 2018

"We were very happy with the car and there is really nothing to criticize. We booked a Toyota Aygo and got a new Yaris which offered enough space for the baggage and was easy to drive - so everything worked fine.

Further, the fuel consumption was quite low and the limit for the daily miles was sufficiently high, even though we drove almost every day to another location. Also communication was quick and fine, and booking the car was easy.

Compared to offers from other car rentals, the price seemed to fit. The cost for young driver was extremely high, especially as it only depends on the age and not for example on how long one has a driving license - but probably this is because the cost for the insurance is high for young people.

We can only say thank you for offering us the opportunity to have such a nice stay in Scotland!"

      (5 / 5)

- 14 Jan 2018

"We agreed on the rent of a yaris for a certain price but you didn't hesitate to upgrade us with a larger car and more options (and without asking for bigger money !!) when you found out that no more yaris were available.

Hiring a car with you was really easy, you answered all my questions with accuracy, there were absolutely no unexpected expenses or conditions after we agreed on the car and price.

The price is fair considering you are bound by your contracts with insurances, it's a pity we had to pay the "young driver fee" though as I'm turning 25 at the very beginning of February but I know you couldn't do anything about it.

The car was great as well, new and clean. It made our trip to Inverness possible and we didn't have a single issue on our way to and back from there, even though we had snow on road etc.

One last thing we found was really gentle from your colleagues was that he trusted us enough not to verify the mileage and gas level in the car. It might sound anecdotal but, as a client, I find it important and rare enough to be highlighted.

All in all I would totally recommend to deal with you and your company and that's what I'll do when I come back to Scotland, hopefully this summer.

Thanks again a lot for making our trip to Scotland even better than it already was before we could hire a car."

      (5 / 5)

- 9 Jan 2018

"I was really impressed With the service, cost, and vehicle. I would be more than happy to book a rental from the company again in the future."

      (5 / 5)

- 8 Jan 2018

"It was great! To be more specific: the price was frankly very good, most of all considering that I am under 25.

Before contacting you we looked around for other renting sites and yours was undoubtedly the best one around. The vehicle was very practical and easy to drive. The service was just perfect, Graeme was very kind and efficient. Overall, big thumbs up!

Thank you very much, I will definitely get in touch again for more hiring adventures."

      (5 / 5)

- 8 Jan 2018

"My car hire experience was fantastic!! Hands down the best I've had. You guys had the best cost for our age range, very flexible with pick up and returns, and extremely fast with communication!

Graeme was very, very helpful and on-top of things. He would respond back to emails within minutes. The payment method felt very safe and secure as well, I really appreciated that.

The car was very dependable and comfortable! I'm 6ft tall so I don't always have the best time in small cars, but this one had tons of leg room.

Thanks so much to your company, and to you and Graeme especially."

      (5 / 5)

- 2 Jan 2018

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